Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition

Ever wondered if you can enjoy a delicious meal at Buffalo Wild Wings nutrition without compromising your health goals? Look no further!

This post Will provide a wide range of healthy options and a comprehensive nutrition guide, Buffalo Wild Wings makes it easy to satisfy your cravings while making informed choices for your body.

Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition

So, let’s delve into the world of Buffalo Wild Wings nutrition and discover how you can savor every bite without derailing your health journey.

Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition menu


All-Star Sampler, with Naked or Crispy Tenders2170/2450130/14970/64
Add Signature Sauce – 2 fl. oz70-2800-280-2
Beer-Battered Onion Rings,
with Southwestern Ranch Dressing
Big Twist Pretzel, with Queso11503838
Buffalo Chips580278
Cheddar Cheese Curds, with Southwestern Ranch
Chicken Quesadilla10506358
Chili Queso Dip, with Tortilla Chips12206231
Chips and Salsa8503713
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp5002019
Add Cocktail Sauce – 2 fl. oz.5001
Add Signature Sauce – 2 fl. oz70-2800-280-2
French Fries660318
Fried Pickles, with Southwestern Ranch Dressing900697
House Sampler248014669
Add Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing – 1.5 fl. oz.210/24022/250/1
Add Signature Sauce – 2 fl. oz.70-2800-280-2
Mini Corn Dogs, with Bourbon Honey Mustard7804218
Mozzarella Sticks, with Marinara6503233
Potato Wedges7503812
Roasted Garlic Mushrooms,
with Southwestern Ranch Dressing
Spinach Artichoke Dip, with Tortilla Chips1150629
Street Tacos5603631
Ultimate Nachos12906337
Add Grilled Chicken130326
American Cheese2802012
Blue Cheese Crumbles4203424
Cheddar Cheese3402821
Cheddar Jack Cheese3402721
Pepper Jack Cheese3102617
Queso Cheese220148
Swiss Cheese2101616
Buffalo Seasoning500
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning500
Desert Heat Seasoning500
Lemon Pepper Seasoning500
Salt and Vinegar Seasoning500
Bacon Bits12089

Boneless Wings

Snack Size add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning6603435
Add Asian Zing12001
Add Blazin’10081
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard1101.51
Add Caribbean Jerk1003.31
Add Honey BBQ10000
Add Hot7061
Add Hot BBQ502.51
Add Mango Habanero12010
Add Medium504.50
Add Mild8070
Add Parmesan Garlic190182
Add Spicy Garlic7061
Add Sweet BBQ7001
Add Teriyaki9003
Add Thai Curry210211
Add Wild7060
Add Buffalo500
Add Chipotle BBQ500
Add Desert Heat500
Add Lemon Pepper500
Add Salt & Vinegar500
Small Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning10005152
Add Asian Zing16001
Add Blazin’130111
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard15022
Add Caribbean Jerk1304.51
Add Honey BBQ14001
Add Hot10081
Add Hot BBQ703.51
Add Mango Habanero16011
Add Medium7060
Add Mild110101
Add Parmesan Garlic250241
Add Spicy Garlic10082
Add Sweet BBQ9001
Add Teriyaki13004
Add Thai Curry280281
Add Wild10081
Add Buffalo500
Add Chipotle BBQ500
Add Desert Heat500
Add Lemon Pepper500
Add Salt & Vinegar500
Medium Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning14907778
Add Asian Zing25001
Add Blazin’190171
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard2302.52
Add Caribbean Jerk20071
Add Honey BBQ21001
Add Hot150121
Add Hot BBQ11051
Add Mango Habanero2401.50
Add Medium11091
Add Mild160151
Add Parmesan Garlic380373
Add Spicy Garlic150111
Add Sweet BBQ13001
Add Teriyaki19005
Add Thai Curry430422
Add Wild150131
Add Buffalo500
Add Chipotle BBQ500
Add Desert Heat500
Add Lemon Pepper500
Add Salt & Vinegar500
Large Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning1990102105
Add Asian Zing3300.52
Add Blazin’250232
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard3003.53
Add Caribbean Jerk26091
Add Honey BBQ28001
Add Hot190161
Add Hot BBQ14072
Add Mango Habanero3202.50
Add Medium140111
Add Mild210191
Add Parmesan Garlic500494
Add Spicy Garlic190152
Add Sweet BBQ1800.52
Add Teriyaki25007
Add Thai Curry570562
Add Wild200171
Add Buffalo1000
Add Chipotle BBQ1000
Add Desert Heat1000
Add Lemon Pepper1000
Add Salt & Vinegar500

Traditional Wings

Snack Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning3602044
Add Asian Zing8000
Add Blazin’6060
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard8011
Add Caribbean Jerk702.50
Add Honey BBQ7000
Add Hot5040
Add Hot BBQ3520
Add Mango Habanero800.50
Add Medium3530
Add Mild5050
Add Parmesan Garlic130121
Add Spicy Garlic5040
Add Sweet BBQ4500
Add Teriyaki6002
Add Thai Curry140141
Add Wild5040
Add Buffalo500
Add Chipotle BBQ500
Add Desert Heat500
Add Lemon Pepper500
Add Salt & Vinegar500

Little Buffalos

Boneless Wings330-44017-2717-18
Add Signature Sauce – 1 fl. oz.35-1400-140-2
Crispy Chicken Tenders420-70021-4927-28
Add Signature Sauce – 2 fl. oz.70-2800-280-2
Mac & Cheese5402819
Mini Corn Dogs310208
Naked Chicken Tenders140-4201-2932-34
Add Signature Sauce – 2 fl. oz.70-2800-280-2
Traditional Wings290-39016-2636
Add Signature Sauce – 1/2 fl. oz15-700-70-1
Carrot Sticks2000
Celery Sticks1501
French Fries330154
Mandarin Oranges4000
Lowfat Chocolate Milk1502.57
Lowfat White Milk8007
Apple Juice8000
Grapefruit Juice6001
Orange Juice7001
Pineapple Juice8001
Diet Pepsi000
Dr Pepper6000
Mist Twst6000
Mountain Dew7000
Mug Root Beer6000

Fast Break Lunch

Boneless Wings, Snack/Small, with Signature Sauce/
Chicken Street Tacos5603631
Classic Chicken Wrap, with Grilled Chicken Breast or
Crispy Tenders
Add Signature Sauce – 2 fl. oz.70-2800-280-2
Garden Salad, with Lemon Vinaigrette370257
Garden Chicken Salad, with Lemon Vinaigrette and
Grilled Chicken or Crispy Tenders with Signature
Grilled Chicken Buffalito – 1 ea2501120
Add Signature Sauce – 1 fl. oz.35-1400-140-2
Add cheese50-903.5-72-5
Hickory Pulled Pork Sandwich10404338
Honey BBQ Chicken Salad, with Honey BBQ Ranch
Naked or Crispy Tenders – 4 ea190/5601.5/2843/36
Add Signature Sauce – 2 fl. oz70-2800-280-2
Southwest Philly Sandwich6803346
Traditional Wings, Snack/Small, with Signature
Buffalo Chips290144
Caesar Side Salad, with Light Caesar Dressing330218
Chips and Salsa530238
French Fries330154
Loaded Cup of Chili4402728
Potato Wedges370196
Garden Side Salad, with Lemon Vinaigrette370257
Boneless Wings, with Signature Sauce or Seasoning330-44017-2717-18
Traditional Wings, with Signature Sauce or Seasoning290-39016-2636
Loaded Ice Cream490216
Mini Chocolate Fudge Cake320113
Ginger Lemonade15000
Blueberry Mint Lemonade20000
Strawberry Lemonade20000
Black Cherry Limeade22000
Citrus Limeade16000


Peach Smash21000
Cucumber Cooler18000
Very Berry Mule18000
Black Cherry Mojito25000
Buffalo Zoo24000
Knockout Punch36001
Top Shelf Long Island Ice Tea29000
B-Dubs Bloody Mary15022
Strawberry Kick Coronarita31001
Cerveza Mary1900.52
Apple Jack Cider22000
Bourbon Blueberry Daiquiri35000
Strawberry Daiquiri39030
Frozen Blue Hawaiian39082
Bahama Mama23001
House Margarita, available frozen or on the rocks27000
Twisted Frozen Margarita39001
Top Shelf Margarita25000
Blue Wave Margarita27000
Strawberry Margarita32000
Platinum Margarita26000

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in conclusion, delving into Buffalo Wild Wings nutrition empowers you to make informed choices, ensuring a satisfying and health-conscious dining experience. Remember, knowledge is the key to balancing flavor and wellness.

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