Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Do you want to know the Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices?

This post will give you a detailed breakdown of the Buffalo Wild Wings menu Prices, including their wings, boneless wings, burgers, sides, & drinks.

If you’re looking for the price of Buffalo Wild Wings’ iconic chicken wings, you’ve come to the correct spot.

I’ll have the most recent Buffalo Wild Wings menu price for you to budget wisely, Whether you’re dining in, Taking out, or getting delivery.

Value Bundles

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

These meals may only be ordered online and are available for pick-up or delivery. You won’t find these on the menu at any BWW location.

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Boneless Wings and Fries6$8.99
Traditional Wings and Fries6$9.99
Boneless Wings and Fries10$11.99
Traditional Wings and Fries10$15.99
Boneless Wings and Fries20$27.49
Traditional Wings and Fries20$29.99
15/15 Wing Bundle15$36.99
20/20 Wing Bundle20$42.99
Bird Dawgs + Fries2$11.99

Wings Menu

When ordering wings, ask for celery and wings on the side. They’re usually free, and they’re a great way to save money and fill up on healthy food.

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Traditional Wings6 Pieces$10.49
Traditional Wings10 Pieces$14.99
Traditional Wings15 Pieces$21.49
Traditional Wings20 Pieces$26.99
Traditional Wings30 Pieces$38.49
Boneless Wings6 Pieces$9.49
Boneless Wings10 Pieces$12.49
Boneless Wings15 Pieces$18.49
Boneless Wings20 Pieces$23.99
Boneless Wings30 Pieces$34.99
Traditional and Boneless Wings Combo6 traditional wings,$23.49
Cauliflower WingsSmall$11.49
Cauliflower WingsLarge$19.49
Hand-Breaded Tenders3 Pieces (Served w/ Fries)$11.49
Hand-Breaded Tenders5 Pieces (Served w/ Fries)$12.99
Naked Tenders3 Pieces (Served w/ Fries)$11.49
Naked Tenders5 Pieces (Served w/ Fries)$12.99

Bird Dawgs

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu
Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
2 Bird Dawgs + Fries2 Bird Dawgs + 1 Large Fry$11.99
2 Honey BBQ Bird Dawgs + Fries2 Honey BBQ Bird Dawgs + 1 Large Fry$11.99
2 Loaded Bird Dawgs + Fries2 Loaded Bird Dawgs + 1 Large Fry$11.99
Add 1 Bird Dawg to Any Order1 Bird Dawg$6.49

buffalo wild wings menu lunch

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Looking for a quick and easy lunch Check out our lunch combos! All combos are served with fries and a soda, and they’re available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap Lunch Combo1 wrap, 1 side and 1 drink$11.00
Chicken Caesar Salad Lunch Combo1 salad, 1 side and 1 drink$11.00
Street Tacos Lunch Combo3 tacos + 1 side + 1 drink$11.00
Chicken Caesar Salad Lunch Combo1 salad, 1 side and 1 drink$10.00
Traditional Wings Lunch Combo, 6 Pieces6 wings + 1 side + 1 drink$11.00
Traditional Wings Lunch Combo, 10 Pieces10 wings + 1 side + 1 drink$13.00
All-American Cheeseburger Lunch Combo1 burger, 1 side and 1 drink$11.00
Southern Chicken Sandwich Lunch Combo1 sandwich, 1 side and 1 drink$11.00
3-Piece Hand-Breaded Tenders Lunch Combo3 tenders, 1 side and 1 drink$11.00
Chopped Cobb Salad Lunch Combo1 salad, 1 side and 1 drink$13.00


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Mozzarella Sticks$8.99
Fried Pickles$8.99
Everything Pretzel Knots$8.99
House Sampler$15.99
Chips & House-Made Guacamole$7.29
Chips & Dip Trio$11.49
Ultimate Nachos$10.49
Cheddar Cheese Curds$10.49
Hatch Queso$7.29
Beer-Battered Onion Rings$8.99
Dirty Dubs Tots$12.49
Chips & House-Made Guacamole$8.49
Buffalo Chicken Tots$14.49
Asian Zing Cauliflower Wings$11.49
Chips & Salsa$5.49

Buffalo Wild Wings Burgers Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
All-American Cheeseburger$11.49
Cheese Curd Bacon Burger$13.99
Smoked Brisket Burger$15.99
Southwestern Black Bean Burger$12.99
Bacon Smashed Hatch Chile Burger$14.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Saucy Chicken Sandwich + Fries$9.49
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich + Fries$11.99
Southern Chicken Sandwich + Fries$11.99
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich + Fries$11.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich + Fries$9.49

Wraps & Tacos

These dishes are accompanied by Tortilla chips and salsa.

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap$11.49
Classic Chicken Wrap$11.49
Brisket Tacos$12.49
Street Tacos$11.49


Available Ranch, blue cheese, Caesar, and Vidalia onion vinaigrette are among the dressings.

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chopped Cobb Salad$13.49
Chicken Caesar Salad$11.99
Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad$14.49
Add House-Made Guacamole$2.00

Kids Menu

All children’s menu choices are served with either French fries, carrots, or mandarin oranges.

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Hand-Breaded Tenders6$7.49
Mac & Cheese1$6.49
Boneless Wings10$6.99
Traditional Wings10$7.49


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
French FriesRegular$3.99
French FriesLarge$5.99
Beer-Battered Onion RingsRegular$5.99
Beer-Battered Onion RingsLarge$8.99
Potato WedgesRegular$4.49
Potato WedgesLarge$6.49
Cheddar Cheese CurdsRegular$6.49
Mac & Cheese1$4.99
Garden Side Salad1$4.99
Carrots & Celery w/ ranch dressing1$1.49
Add cheeseRegular$0.65
Add cheeseLarge$1.15
Add baconRegular$1.35
Add baconLarge$2.00
Add dry rubAny size$0.60

Bottled Flavors

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Lemon Pepper Sauce16 oz.$5.49
Nashville Hot16 oz.$5.49
Orange Chicken16 oz.$5.49
Mango Habanero16 oz.$5.49
Spicy Garlic16 oz.$5.49
Parmesan Garlic16 oz.$5.49
Thai Curry16 oz.$5.49
Asian Zing16 oz.$5.49
Hot Bottle16 oz.$5.49
Medium Bottle16 oz.$5.49
Honey BBQ16 oz.$5.49
Mild Bottle16 oz.$5.49
Southwestern Ranch16 oz.$5.49
Salt & Vinegar Seasoning5.49 oz.$5.49
Caribbean Jerk5.49 oz.$5.49
Wild Bottle5.49 oz.$5.49
Buffalo Seasoning5.49 oz.$5.49
Jammin Jalapeno5.49 oz.$5.49
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning5.49 oz.$5.49
Desert Heat Seasoning5.49 oz.$5.49
Teriyaki5.49 oz.$5.49
Sweet BBQ5.49 oz.$5.49
Lemon Pepper Seasoning5.49 oz.$5.49
Signature Bloody Mary Mix64 oz.$7.19


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chocolate Fudge CakeSlice$6.99
New York-Style Cheesecake w/ Caramel SauceSlice$6.99
Loaded Ice CreamScoop$3.49

buffalo wild wings menu drinks

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu
Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Fountain Sodas20 oz$1.99
Bottled SodasAny size$2.49
Bottled WaterAny size$1.99
2 Red BullsAny size$6.00
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea20 oz$1.99


Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Hosting do you need to cater a large event or have a party? Examine the party menu.

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Traditional Wings – Party Size50 Pieces$64.99
Traditional Wings – Party Size100 Pieces$128.99
Traditional Wings – Party Size150 Pieces$192.99
Boneless Wings – Party Size50 Pieces$57.99
Boneless Wings – Party Size100 Pieces$114.99
Boneless Wings – Party Size150 Pieces$170.99
Cauliflower WingsParty Size$77.99
Tenders25 Pieces$46.49
Naked Tenders25 Pieces$46.49
Classic Chicken Wrap (Pulled Chicken)12 Pieces$48.49
Classic Chicken Wrap (Boneless Wings)12 Pieces$48.49
Hatch Queso Party SizeParty Size$38.49
Chili Con Queso Party SizeParty Size$40.99
Everything Pretzel Knots Party SizeParty Size$17.49
Party SamplerOnion rings, Mozzarella sticks, tenders$40.49
Potato Wedges Party SizeParty Size$18.99
Caesar Salad Party SizeParty Size$16.99
Baked Mac & Cheese Party SizeParty Size$37.99
Chips & Salsa Party SizeParty Size$9.99
Whole CheesecakeWhole$49.99
Whole Chocolate Fudge CakeWhole$49.99
Chips & House-made Guacamole Party SizeParty Size$38.49

buffalo wild wings menu sauces

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu
Menu ItemVariaPriceSide Sauces & Seasonings
All FlavorsSide Sauces & Seasonings$0.60All Flavors

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Hours

Monday11:00 AM12:00 AM
Tuesday11:00 AM12:00 AM
Wednesday11:00 AM12:00 AM
Thursday11:00 AM12:00 AM
Friday11:00 AM1:00 AM
Saturday11:00 AM1:00 AM
Sunday11:00 AM12:00 AM

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About Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings (often shortened to BWW or BW3) is an American casual dining restaurant and sports bar chain known for its Buffalo-style chicken wings and sauces.

Founded in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo Wild Wings has grown to become one of the largest restaurant chains in the United States, with over 1,200 locations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The company’s menu features a variety of wings, including traditional Buffalo wings, boneless wings, and wings with a variety of sauces, such as Asian Zing, Honey BBQ, and Mango Habanero. In addition to wings, Buffalo Wild Wings also offers a variety of other appetizers, burgers, salads, and desserts.

Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices is also known for its sports bar atmosphere, with many locations featuring multiple televisions that show a variety of sporting events. The company also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as wing eating contests and trivia nights.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular destination for sports fans and casual diners alike. The company’s success is due in part to its unique combination of wings, sauces, and sports bar atmosphere.

Contact Details


2450 W Main St, Lancaster,

NY 14086, United States

Phone: +1 716-683-4394

Official Website: www.buffalowildwings.com

Final Words – Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular place to go for American food and drinks. They have a wide variety of items on their menu, including wings, burgers, salads, and more.

Their prices are in line with other casual dining restaurants in the area.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article on Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices! We hope you found the information helpful.